About Beer-Bones

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Good for our dogs, good for our planet

2006.. Beer-Bones is born to AMUK Brewing Company.

while making a batch of home brew, I drained wort from a mash of spent grains. Cohiba, my newly adopted Rottie, looked at the grains- looked at me- looked toward the kitchen and Boom! An idea was born.

I ran the grains into the kitchen, added peanut butter, flour, eggs and a few other all-natural ingredients, shaped and baked.. At that moment a delectable dog treat was born.

The "Beer-Bone" was delicious from the very first bite. Just as Cohiba knew it would be.

Beer brewing begins by steeping crushed and milled grains in hot water. The water (wort) is drained before fermentation.
Some brewers throw the grains out. Some feed them to cattle. Some bake bread.

At AMUK Brewing, we see those grains as a perfect base for Beer-Bones dog treats. The grains retain our unique hand-crafted flavors but with none of the alcohol. We add all-natural ingredients and bake to remove moisture.

Our Purity
Beer-Bones uses local, U.S.-made, 100% *natural ingredients 
  • • Spent brewing grains in varied flavors
  • • Peanut butter
  • • Flour
  • • Eggs
  • • Unique natural flavor enhancers (Cohiba says don't spill all our secrets!)

What you see is what you get—Beer-Bones dog treats have absolutely no chemicals or additives. We are planet-friendly and use only recycled packaging and inks.

* talk to your veterinarian about potential allergans.

Sample Beer-Bones base grains
  • Smooth: Less grainy, moderate malt flavor. Basic malt for all beer styles.
  • Light multi-use malt with a clean, slightly sweet flavor.
  • Sweet: A mild caramel flavor and golden color. Used in pilsner and light amber beer.